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 Warrior Alt Activate List v1.6

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PostSubject: Warrior Alt Activate List v1.6   Tue May 14, 2013 3:35 pm

NOTE: In one of EQ's updates, the Alt Activate ID numbers for each AA have been visibly added to your AA window upon clicking on an ability. This was a HUGE help but can take time to find the abilities that you want when making hotkeys. That said, I will leave this guide up to allow for quicker reference when making hotkeys.

Activated Alternate Advancement:
To use them, you must first purchase them in your AA window and then create a social hotkey with this command... /Alt Act (# of the ability you wish to use)

Example: In this example, Rampage (as shown on the list below) is used
Line 1: /alt act 109

Warrior's AA
109: Rampage
110: Area Taunt
111: War Cry
300: Warlord's Tenacity
331: Origin
467: Press the Attack
552: Call of Challenge
601: Grappling Strike
606: Mark of the Mage Hunter
611: Battle Leap
734: Hold the Line
800: Vehement Rage
801: Knee Strike
804: Warlord's Bravery
960: Stomping Leap
3646: Blast of Anger
3732: Gut Punch
3899: Furious Leap
130: Resplendent Glory
131: Rage of Rallos Zek
3213: Projection of Fury
10367: Ageless Enmity
967: Blade Guardian
1686: Brace for Impact
2002: Warlord's Grasp
2007: Wars Sheol's Heroic Blade
2011: Imperator's Command
2012: Imperator's Charge
2013: Imperator's Precision
744: Howl of the Warlord
912: Warlord's Fury
911: Warlord's Resurgence
688: Rage of the Forsaken

Veteran AA
481: Lesson of the Devoted
482: Infusion of the Faithful
483: Chaotic Jester
484: Expedient Recovery
485: Steadfast Servant
486: Staunch Recovery
487: Intensity of the Resolute
511: Throne of Heroes
2000: Armor of Experience
8081: Summon Resupply Agent
8130: Summon Clockwork Banker
453: Summon Permutation Peddler

585: Glyph of Dragon Scales
588: Glyph of Draconic Potential
589: Glyph of Destruction
5000: Glyph of Courage
5002: Glyph of Stored Life
5004: Glyph of Angry Thoughts
7016: Glyph of the Master
7018: Glyph of Genari Might
7019: Glyph of the Cataclysm

1400: Fundament: First Spire of the Warlord
1401: Fundament: Second Spire of the Warlord
1402: Fundament: Third Spire of the Warlord

574: Harmonic Dissonance
15073: Banestrike

Note: You can type /alt list in game to get the complete list of Alt Activate numbers. Its a big list so it's suggested to turn on logging by typing "/log on" and then view the log file.

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Warrior Alt Activate List v1.6
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