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 How to Build a Warrior 101 v2.0

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PostSubject: How to Build a Warrior 101 v2.0   Tue May 14, 2013 3:40 pm

This post is intended to serve as a guide for those who are building a proper warrior... Everyone has their own playing style and their own beliefs on how they think their character should be built... I personally tend to go with the most practical and the most lifesaving route, meaning that i hate dying fast, i want to take some damage and go out with a fight...

With the warrior class there are 2 ways u can go... HP or AC... I'll give u a rundown of both... I choose the AC route...

As always, rest assured that anything written is how I do things and have been tested and work 100%. Keep in mind that some things mentioned are my own views and should not be taken as being the only ways to do things. I cannot stress enough, do what you want to do, try different ways and find new strategies that work for you.

Warrior HP Build

HP is a grouping warriors bread and butter... In grouping situations, a warrior with lots and lots of HP can absorb hits better and last longer as a result, but at the cost of defense (AC), meaning the warrior gets hit a lil harder but has the HP to handle it... This is indeed the most logical way to go if yer a warrior that groups primarily and does not solo or raid...

Warrior AC Build

AC is a solo or raiding warriors bread and butter... AC decreases the amount of damage a mob can do per hit through mitigation... This is helpful for the warrior that solo's and especially useful for one that raids... I will tell u why...

Group mobs have mitigated damage and u won't see them quad for 25k, making a high HP warrior best for groups... Raiding changes things becuz raid mobs have significantly less damage mitigation making it so they can and will quad for 25k... If an HP built warrior is tanking that raid mob, guess what? He's one dead warrior becuz he gave up AC for more HP, so he is taking max damage per hit from that mob... If he does happen to survive, his healers are burning thru mana as fast as a bard runs from one side of pok to the other... This is NOT good on raids for both parties...

After the high HP warrior goes down, the warrior with less HP but more AC is surviving and taking those quads like a champ becuz he is mitigating the damage taken as well as avoiding damage altogether... This is why AC is the common stat among good warriors that raid...

The solo warrior can essentially go either way whether it be HP or AC build because that warrior is not going to be soloing raid mobs unless they are green or gray... Solo warriors will be soloing group mobs... It is still a wise choice to go with an AC build for the same basic rules as raiding... You are by yerself with no help with DPS, just u and yer healer merc... So yer going to want to take the least amount of damage as possible to save not only yer mercs mana but also to save on downtime to med the merc, making soloing very boring...

Heroic Stats

When it comes to heroics, information is very hard to find accurately... Here is what i have learned, trust, and use... I have bolded, italic, and underlined the following to reflect that I obtained this info from another source, to avoid plagiarism...

Heroic Str - This effect is supposed to increase your AC softcap and make you hit harder. The softcap increase is broken the last anyone has heard. The extra damage effect however works. It's a rather simple formula, H-Str/10 and that amount is added to each hit, damage modifiers however (crits, champion, etc) will not improve this damage.

Heroic Sta - Adds HP. Each point is worth what looks to be 15 HP, in addition to this however there is the +1 from the stat cap which will add a few more HP and varies by class.

Heroic Agi - Adds to Dodge, and supposedly Block (not shield block) fire rates and allows for the limit on fall damage before auto death to increase at an unknown rate. The formula on Dodge (and Block if that's true) is +.1% rate per point. The +1 Agi cap increase does very little however. While AC softcaps are determined by AGI, there's a 1/3 return softcap on AGI beginning at 200, and normal AGI itself hardcaps at 305 (235 real). Any increase to agility itself past this point, does absolutely nothing other than to increase your displayed (fake) AC by a rate of 18:1 and your displayed stats. Benefits come in bursts every 25 points.

Heroic Dex - The boost is +.1% to Parry and Riposte rates (Block too most likely, but not shield block if agi isn't adding it), also the stat increase actually does something which is just above doing nothing. Your real dex stat is used as the base of determining your critical hit chance. It doesn't add a whole lot of additional dps in the grand scheme of things though, as the base is a very small portion of the overall chance. Each additional +1 normal dex is something on the order of a 0.0000000000023429% higher chance to crit per point. So as I said, it's better than doing nothing like an agility cap increase, but not by much. Benefits come in bursts every 25 points.

Shielding - Takes the DB portion of the mobs hit and removes an amount from it equal to the amount of shielding you have. Caps at 35%. If you don't know what a DB is, search around and you'll find it on this board or on google or something.

Strikethrough - Lets you hit through a mobs Block/Parry/Riposte/Dodge chance. You don't get to hit through the accuracy check however so you can still miss. Caps at 35%

Stun Resist - Lets you avoid being stunned when a stunning blow will normally hit, the chance is equal to the amount you have. The first stun resist check is from AA's, which for Knights this caps at 80% meaning 20% of stuns make it through. Stun Resist is checked next and of that 20% that get through Stun Resist will catch an amount of them equal to how much SR you have. Stun Resist is coded differently from AA's however and skips channeling checks when it fires. If a stun hits you and SR catches it, you skip the channeling check and go right to casting the spell without interruption. AA stun resistances will still have a channeling check and depending on if it was a knockback stun or if a bash pushed you you'll pass it (channeling is always a 100% success now, the only ways to actually fail it are to be moving or have a stun hit you). Technically this means an AA stun resistance will lower your channeling rate while getting more SR will raise it but it doesn't really have any sort of meaningful impact on what you can do ingame so just treat it as preventing stuns. Caps at 35%.

Avoidance - Increases your Avoidance AC. Avoidance (and likely mitigation) softcap is altered by Agility (hardcap at 305 agi stat). Avoidance AC is determined by defense skill, level (possibly), avoidance AA's (softcap increasers), and this mod. Think of this as adding to avoidance ac just like armor adds to mitigation AC. Caps at 100.

Accuracy - Reduces your chance to miss. This makes it better for classes with lower melee skills like casters/priests than classes with higher melee skills. Spell given accuracy works this same way. The formula is 0.1*Amount*Miss rate. That's the accuracy gained. For example, if you have a 75% hit rate and 150 accuracy, you take .1*150*.25=3.75% gain. 75+3.75=78.75% hit rate. Each effect is additive. If you then had a spell given accuracy effect you would calculate it assuming a 21.25% miss rate. The result is that unless you get at least a 1000% mod in accuracy, you can't reach a 0% miss rate. The worn mod caps at 150.

Admittedly, i do not know a whole lot about hardcaps and softcaps on AC... But i do know 100% that shields are NOT effected by the softcap, meaning that the warrior gains the full amount of AC from whatever is on his shield, making it a common rule to put yer highest AC aug into yer shield... An aug that has both high AC as well as some heroic Agi and/or Sta is best for the shield...

Gear Upgrading

When upgrading gear as an AC built warrior, higher AC is the very 1st and most important stat to go for... If you raise your AC with each upgrade, your other important stats will follow automatically... The higher the AC on an item is, the higher the rest of the stats will be. And, typically but not always, higher AC on an item tends to be a real upgrade rather than a tradeoff item.

A tradeoff item is an item where you're gaining stats in one area but losing in others. That is NOT an upgrade. A true upgrade is an item that has all gains and no losses. So keep that in mind next time you decide to spend your hard earned plat on what you think is an upgrade. For example, lets say you find an AC upgrade that raises your AC by 10 or 15 from your current item, but you lose heroic stats, avoidance, or other stats by a little. The item costs 500k... Now ask yourself, is it really worth 500k to get a small stat upgrade and take losses elsewhere? I answer to you, NO! Be smart!

The only way that a tradeoff is worth buying, is if it has more ups than downs. A 75% to 25% up to down ratio at minimum is worth buying. Anything below that ratio, I would steer clear of unless it is dirt cheap (less than 100k).

On the flipside, if you go out and earn your upgrades or tradeoffs, you don't have to worry about spending your hard earned plat, or wasting it. I highly recommend earning your way rather than buying your way.


When selecting augs for the warrior, go for AC, heroic Agi, heroic Sta, and heroic Str above all but keep AC 1st... If the aug doesn't have the heroics it's no huge deal but u will want to seek upgrades for those as soon as u can...

Warriors should not use augs in gear that have no AC at all unless u are a grouping warrior that doesn't raid...


Weapons are very crucial to warriors for agro and defense purposes... The faster the better in most cases... A good warrior is going to have at least 3 sets of weapons, and I will explain each of the 3 and why...

Sword and Board - Tanking for Group, Raid, or Solo

One hander and a shield (known as Sword and Board) is the bread and butter for tanking. Not only does your shield increase your defense substantially by itself, but you also get an AA called "Weapon Stances" located in your Archetype tab. This AA contains a specific stance buff for each weapon type, which is not dispellable, has no timer, and persists through death.

Sword and Board uses the "Defensive Proficiency" buff from the weapon stances AA. As if the name doesn't tell you enough, this buff increases your defenses needed for tanking. And at the same time, your not taking a huge DPS loss by only using sword and board, but the loss is definitely substantial and noticeable. Defensive Proficiency also increases your proc rate, allowing for extra DPS from your procs (and hate from procs if you are using a tanking weapon that has a hate proc). And not only that, but we also have two separate AA's that both increase our weapon damage output.

Burst of Power AA located on the Archetype tab increases your primary weapon slot damage in the form of double and triple attack chances, and those chances are significantly good. And the second increaser is an AA on your Class tab called Warlord's Weapon Mastery, which increases the damage of any weapon you wield by 5% per rank over 17 ranks.

Also, as an added defense, we have another AA located on the Archetype tab called Shield Block, which further increases your chance to avoid attacks when using sword and board.

Please take note though, DPS is not and should not be on your priority list when you are the main tank in a raid. Also, while this is your best weapon choice for defense, it can be very useful when soloing, but your not going to do as much damage as you would when using other choices.

Two Handed - DPS for Group, Raid, or Solo

Two Handed weapons are your bread and butter for DPS when you are not tanking in a group or raid. Typically, most guilds are not going to put a warrior in a DPS position on a raid, they're going to choose an actual DPS class instead (if space in the raid is an issue). Just being the warrior class is going to put you in a tanking position unless you specifically ask not to be put in the tank lineup, or they already have the lineup filled with others. Basically, don't expect to DPS as a warrior on raids unless they have room for you.

Two handers are effected by the Warlord's Weapon Mastery AA as well as the Burst of Power AA that I mentioned above, making their DPS significantly higher than any other weapon type for us. As far as the weapon stances AA goes, it gives us the "Two-Handed Proficiency" buff which also increases the damage from any two hander, but also lowers your defenses obviously.

Located on the Archetype tab is an AA called Two-Handed Bash which allows you to use your bash skill while using a two hander instead of a shield (typically I stick with Kick since we have /autoskill available). And finally on the Class tab we get an AA called Merciless Grip which increases your two handed damage even more.

Note: If you're good, you can effectively tank with a two hander in a group as long as your group is doing their jobs properly. But only if you're good. If folks are fighting for agro, you're going to find yourself in a bit of a pickle, but it is very doable if you don't mind the defense and agro loss. I do not recommend hate proc augs for two handers, put a damage aug in it to increase its base damage!

Dual Wielding - Tank and DPS Hybrid for Group or Solo

Dual Wielding was formerly the best option for low level warriors only, but the EQ gods have brought it back to modern times and made it relevant once again for all levels, but only in certain situations. DW is a warriors best option for generating agro and DPS at the same time, and it is most effective when grouping. Effective AA's that increase damage and agro are Burst of Power, Ambidexterity, and your weapon stances buff (Dual-Wielding Proficiency) each on the Archetype tab. And then Warlord's Weapon Mastery and Infused by Rage both on the Class tab.

DW reduces your chance to dodge but increases your chance to parry, and you obviously lose defense from not using a shield, as well as the loss of the benefits from the shield block AA, making this weapon choice best for soloing or grouping, but not for raiding since you're going to want the best defense you can get for raids.

Just like the old days, when using DW, always put the fastest weapon in your primary hand and the slower one in secondary. This is because your secondary hand does not swing as much as your primary does, making the delay "almost" null and void for that hand, but it does still matter some. If both of your weapons happen to have the same delay, put the higher damage in your primary (unless one weapon has a hate proc and not the other, then put the hate proc in primary).

If you are using DW for tanking and you're built to be a grouping warrior that never raids, I recommend using one handers that have hate procs of their own and put damage augs in if you're 95 or above. If you're using DW for DPS primarily, I recommend one handers that have damage procs of their own and add damage augs no matter what level you are.

AA's and Most Important Stats To Go For

I know that sometimes we will see an AA that appeals to us and we really want it, but it's not always the best choice to buy before others... By all means, live a little, get that AA that you want! But do not lose focus on the ones you need, continue working on those, just don't make a habit of buying the less important ones 1st...

One of the frequently asked questions that I hear about warriors is "Which AA's should I go for first?"

How a warrior spends his or her AA's is really a matter of preference that is fit to your playing style. But I will say this...


Your "Combat Agility" and "Combat Stability" AA's (known as CA and CS) are the very first ones to go for and max out, followed by any other defensive related AA's in no particular order.

Armor of Wisdom is a good one to go for after you are maxed on CA and CS for your current level. This AA adds more AC to you, and AC is king for the warrior class. Under no circumstances should you sacrifice AC for something else, even hit points. Never let your AC go down no matter what (except for changing weapon sets in your bandolier).

Other than those AA's, you can pretty much go for whatever you want in any order. But I highly recommend getting your raw stats and defenses first. Raw stats come from AA's such as "Planar Power" for example. The higher your stats, the higher your defenses. Agility is your number one AC increasing stat. A warriors most important stats are AC, HP, Agi, Str, Sta, and Avoidance... While all stats are important, these are the ones to focus on...

If you're a raiding warrior build, go for a happy mix of defense and agro AA's first, but try to show more favor to defense. 2 ranks of defense to 1 agro rank is good.

If you're a grouping warrior build, go for a mix of defense, agro, and offense. 2 ranks of defense, 2 ranks of agro, 1 rank of offense is good.

If you're a soloing warrior build, go for a mix of defense and offense, and then agro. Use a balanced approach such as 1 rank of each. Once you get your blast of anger, infused by rage, projection of fury, and call of challenge built up, then switch to 2 ranks defense, 2 ranks offense, and 1 rank agro ratio.

I am a soloer by nature and a very good one with years of experience... That is my choice... Warriors are a group dependent class, making it very hard to solo, but I am a gamer who likes a challenge and likes to do things the hard way, so soloing is right up my ally... But I also enjoy grouping and raiding as well (raid being the most favored of the two)...

Extra Info About Weapons

When it comes to tanking, obviously agro is your top priority as well as defense. With sword and board being your absolute best option for tanking, it raises the question, what about augs for my one hander?

Well folks, my response to you is based on level and how far along you are on your hate related AA's. Gladly, your answer is still pretty simple. Level 95 and below, regardless of how you're doing on your hate AA's, use augs that add a hate proc to your weapon. Level 95 and lower weapons don't always have hate procs on them and are harder to find, but they are out there! The "Deroth, Enforcer" is one such weapon that comes with its own hate proc at lvl 95. You can also obtain a player crafted one hander at level 92 from the Veil of Alaris expansion which takes a special player made aug to boost its stats and adds a hate proc to it that generates more hate than the "Anger" line of hate augs produce, and also more than "Enraging Blow". However, the cultural weapon I speak of was for Dark Elves with Innoruuk diety only, so I'm not sure if that can be made for other races/dieties or not.

Now, if you are level 96 and up, I recommend a weapon with its own hate proc and add a damage aug to it. At level 96 and up, more damage means more agro. And all of the best warrior weapons for tanking all have their own hate procs. Some warriors may tell you to put a stat aug in your tanking weapon to add more AC and other stats, which is all well and good, except it is not what I recommend. Stick with damage augs for more hate because adding an AC aug isn't going to give you a noticeable difference in defense. And it is not worth sacrificing agro for something you're not going to notice. Especially if you have followed my guides and built yourself for raid tanking. If you have done so, you're not going to be worried about defense, so go for more agro on your weapon!


So now that you have all of the above info, lets address one last question that a lot of folks ask. What is the best race to choose when making a warrior?

So when you go to create a new warrior at level 1 (not heroic), contrary to popular opinion, there are racial benefits. However, these benefits all become null and void at high levels, making them beneficial ONLY at low levels, with exception of two races.

The only "notable" racial benefits are as follows, and if a race isn't listed, that means there are no "notable" benefits worthy of selecting that race...

1. Ogre - Cannot be stunned from behind and gets the "Slam" skill in addition to Kick and Bash. Slam is known for its stun effect but is null and void once you reach higher levels and obtain certain AA's that allow Kick to stun. Bash can also stun, and all races get both. Kick can stun only from behind until you get that future AA. Ogre's also have the highest amount of strength and stamina from the get go, but lack in wisdom and intelligence, making them learn and level slower than that of other races.

2. Troll and Iksar - Both races have a higher innate HP regen than that of other races. But this is only helpful out of combat when medding. There is no noticeable difference during combat. Nothing notable as far as starting stats go except that Troll's are similar to Ogre's in that they learn and level slightly slower due to low wisdom and intelligence compared to other races. If you use a healer mercenary, the innate regen won't be noticeable at all.

3. Wood Elf and Dark Elf - Both races get the "Hide" skill as their racial innate. This is the only racial innate that never becomes null and void throughout the whole game. All other races cannot invis themselves until obtaining invis clickies that can't be clicked until level 50, or by spending money on invis potions from the get go. While hide may not be used during traveling, it is still the best alternative for being able to go invisible while medding or going afk for a few minutes. Once you hide successfully, it will not wear off until you move or cancel it manually. Both elves are very agile from the get go and are fairly smart, which makes them better at learning and leveling. Wood elves can also forage from the get go where other races must wait for the AA to become available to them.

4. Dwarf - Dwarves are known for their strength, making them fierce in combat from the get go about the same as Ogre's. Dwarves being a smaller race gives them an edge in getting around. Unlike Gnomes and Halflings, Dwarves are slightly taller, making them able to reach higher steps than the others can without having to jump or levitate, but they're still a small race either way, and the benefit isn't that great to begin with. But they are a notable choice for warriors.

So now that you've got those races in mind, you can make a better choice. But that choice depends on how you intend to play your warrior. If you intend to take it slow and learn the class thoroughly throughout the levels and do your heroes journey line of quests (which I highly recommend), then these benefits will be of some use to you. But if all you want to do is fly through the levels and skip heroes journey, then go for the one that never becomes useless.

I personally recommend the elf races simply because their racial innate never loses its significance. When you reach higher levels and get your AA's that max you out on regen, stats, stun resistance, etc, each race is on the exact same level at that point, making the other racial innates useless. Whereas elves can benefit from theirs forever. Why waste a potion to sit and med when you can hide? Your merc or real healer can heal your HP, but warriors still need to med stamina. Hide has many uses other than just medding, such as avoiding a wandering mob or a train, going to the bathroom while in a dangerous place, etc...

The Skilled Warrior Versus the Bought Warrior

So when it comes to making a warrior, you've got a few choices.

1. Start at level 1 and play through the game the right way, take your time, learn your class inside and out, and end up being a highly skilled warrior that shines in any group or raid situation above any other warrior.

2. Start at level 1 and get power leveled to the top in a few days and be a high level noob basically, with the skills of a low level and the tedious task of maxing them all out (takes forever). And lets not forget buying your gear since you're nowhere near skilled enough to go get it yourself without using an alt, friends help, or buying.

3. Buy a level 85 heroic warrior and not have a clue what your skills do or how certain skills interact with each other in ways that aren't in any of the descriptions, play to the top the right way from there and be pretty good, but not as good as a warrior described in number 1.

4. Buy a level 85 heroic warrior and get power leveled to the top and buy your gear. Be better than a warrior described in number 2 but still nowhere near as skilled as number 1.

Obviously I am going to recommend number 1 for obvious reasons. The bought or power leveled warrior can never match the skills of a warrior who played the game right. Sure, they both may be able to match the skilled warrior in some areas, but the skilled warrior is always going to have the upper hand in other areas, simply because they have way more experience and took the time to learn every aspect of their class instead of just the important stuff.

You're going to know all of the tricks, all of the tools available, and just overall better knowledge than a bought or PL'd warrior will know. Knowledge makes a world of difference for the warrior class. It is what gets a warrior picked for tank lineups, gets a warrior in groups without having to ask or search, and saves lives more efficiently than others without breaking a sweat.

Ask yourselves, who would YOU rather have in your group? Don't get me wrong, there are people who can pick up on it quickly and turn into great warriors. But even they will never feel that sense of accomplishment that us warriors who leveled the right way get to feel. When you get power leveled, and then buy krono's to sell for gobs of plat to buy your gear from raid guilds or bazaar vendors, you aren't accomplishing nothing but a label that says "I'm store bought" on it...

This is why a true warrior can do things that store bought warriors with better gear still can't do. And if they can, it's sloppy and less effective. Whereas the true warrior makes it look simple and graceful. So with that little bit of information, YOU decide!

I recommend starting from scratch and begin your heroes journey from the moment you log in. The heroes journey quest line will provide you with gear, augs, bags, mounts, and other fun and useful things that you never have to pay a penny for. And you gain a knowledge along the way that you will thank me for later on. A knowledge that no other warrior will ever know unless they played properly too. It's one of them unspoken things that really can't be explained, but you know it very well!

Questing for Stat Boosts and More

Ok guys and gals, there are two main quests/missions that I recommend for ALL warriors to complete whether you are a group build, solo build, or raid build warrior.

1. DoN Progression (Dragons of Norrath)

2. MPG Trials (Muramite Proving Grounds)

NOTE: Heroic warriors get all but the final rank automatically. I'll leave it up to you to figure out where to start for your final rank. The information is all here in these links below. Happy hunting!

For the DoN progression, this will benefit your warrior throughout it's entire lifespan at any level from the time you do it and up. In short, the benefits are permanent!

These quests will add new passive AA's to your AA window under the "Special" tab which offer things like more buff slots, resists, stat boosts, critical hit rates, and so on. Most high end or end game guilds require this to be completed as it is very important to have, especially if you are a raider.

There are 2 ways you can go with these quests, either good or evil. The following links will walk you through the entire quest line and explain the differences between good or evil. Whichever side you choose, the rewards are the same, however it is rumored that there is a difference between the two, evil being the better for DPS and good being the better for healing and buffing. This rumor has been around many years and cannot be proven true or untrue. But in the case that it is true, I chose the evil route.

DoN Evil Side - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

DoN Good Side - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Now for the MPG trials! These trials boost your resists with every trial completed. These come in the form of new AA's on your AA window's "Special" tab just like the DoN progression, and are permanent. The boost goes beyond your cap that you can go to with gear and other AA's, making this an important line of missions to complete. Same as the DoN progression, most high end or end game guilds require this as well, especially for raiding. Who doesn't want to resist spells or take less damage from said spells if they do get through? Right? Get these done and your resists will skyrocket.

Here is a complete walkthrough for the MPG trials. Enjoy!

Trials of Mata Muram - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Misc Information

This is more basic information that I think every warrior should know. Most of you probably already do, but I gotta take care of the noobies too!

First off, the warrior is primarily a group dependent class, making it very hard to solo. But it is doable with a merc, in fact a merc will become required after around level 55 depending on your skill and gear.

But let me take a step back here and throw down a couple of basic rules to set you on your path to greatness and be user friendly to your groups. First, when you are tanking, make sure that you position yourself so that anyone in your group who is meleeing is standing behind the mob. Only YOU should be standing in front of the mob.

This is because mobs have a skill just like us called "Riposte" which is a counter attack that goes off periodically when it is attacked in melee. This skill only works on those standing in front of the mob. Get it? Great! Moving on!

With riposte being taken care of, now comes the fun. A lil thing we like to call "Push". Push is when you are fighting a mob and you or the mob is literally being pushed around. For you noobies out there, push can be good or bad depending on your environment. You don't want to be pushed off a cliff do you? Or be pushed into more agro right? Didn't think so... Always be aware of what's around you and this will not be an issue, but it is worthy of being said here.


There are, like i said, many different opinions on the best way to build a warrior... I go with the most practical of those ways to make survival better and get the most benefit for long term play... Build how u want! Don't be afraid to try different ways and see what fits YOU the best... You may think u want to build one way and then not like it once u've done it, so try different ways! If none are to yer liking then u are playing the wrong class my friends...

Should u have any questions that I have not covered here or in one of my other warrior guides, ask me... If I can answer it i will be happy to...

Check out the video tailored to this guide at the following link!
Coming soon!

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How to Build a Warrior 101 v2.0
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