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 Warrior Clickies v2.0

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PostSubject: Warrior Clickies v2.0   Tue May 14, 2013 3:45 pm

A lot of warrior's seem to ask for lists of different clickies, and I have found that good lists are hard to find. So once again, I am here to deliver to you! Below is a complete list of every warrior useable clicky that I currently own or have used in the past. As I obtain more clickies, I add them to this list

NOTE: For the clicky items listed below, some of them have higher or lower level versions that can easily be found by typing the name of the spell on said clicky in a Zam search and scrolling down to where it lists "Items with this effect". Simply reduce the number of the spell to find the one for your level... Example: Form of Defense XII but you want a lesser version for your level, search for Form of Defense V for example and just keep counting up or down til you find the one for your level...


Unsuspected Striker - Group aura that increases spell and melee critical hit chance and has a very short duration

Form of the Recluse - Recluse spider illusion along with an illusion benefit that adds a poison based proc to your melee hits

Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem - Illusion plus a permanent AC AA added to your special tab on your AA window

Blazing Vambraces - Targeted DS clicky clickable on anyone on target (This DS stacks with Illusionary Spikes DS as well as the Stormeye Band DS)

Mask of War - Yaulp 2 clicky (Cleric and Pally buff)

Symbol of the Planemasters - Disease proc buff added to weapon

Timestone Adorned Ring - Adds a Soul Claw (mana drain) proc buff to your weapon (This buff overwrites Symbol of the Planemasters buff)

Cloak of the Lawkeeper - DS buff (This buff is permanent and persists through death, there are many different cloaks that have the same illusionary spikes effect. Choose the best for your level. Also, any version of this will stack with the Blazing Vambraces and Stormeye Band DS buffs)

Girdle of Intense Durability - DS Buff (This buff is permanent and persists through death)

Stormeye Band - DS Buff (This buff is permanent and persists through death, and is also better than the Girdle of Intense Durability and overwrites it. It also stacks with the Blazing Vambraces DS as well as any version of Illusionary Spikes)

Lizardscale Plated Girdle - 50% short duration haste buff (Does not stack with the following Kizrak's Gauntlets)

Kizrak's Gauntlets of Battle - 30% long duration haste buff

Kizrak's Chestplate of Battle - HP, AC, Magic resist buff (Breastplate of the Void is an alternative to this but is not as good as this, Kizrak will overwrite the Void buff. This buff stacks with everything except Violet Conch of the Tempest and shaman HP buff. Shaman HP buff grants you more HP but you'll take an AC loss)

Kizrak's Greaves of Battle - 30 Stamina Buff (Clickable on other targets)

Cobalt Gauntlets - Short duration strength buff

Cobalt Boots - Long duration strength buff

Ball of Fluffy Cotton - Levitate buff (This clicky has been removed from the cash shop... "Swiftmantle" and "Pegasus Feathered Cloak" are nice farmable alternatives, as well as certain illusion clickies in the cash shop that offer long duration levi illusion benefit buffs that stack with other illusion benefit buffs such as the recluse spider for example)

Rocketeer Boots - Makes you jump very high, useful in certain situations or places to bypass stuff...

Amulet of Necropotence - Skelly illusion instant cast

Ring of the Ancients - Shrink! A must have for raiding (This can only be obtained during anniversary time. Cobalt Bracer is a warrior only shrink alternative that can be obtained anytime)

Anizok's Maximizing Device - Grow clicky (Requires "Collapsible Gnomish Recharging Kit and Class Six Mana Battery" to recharge)

Ring of Dissipation - Cancel Magic clicky

Blood Drinker's Coating - 3 minute song based lifetap based on your damage output

Ornate Velium Pendant - Faction modifier clicky (4 charges, easily obtainable)

Holgresh Elder Beads - Eye of Zomm for spying ahead of where you are

Mysterious Belt of Daggers - Summons 100 throwing daggers per click

Huntsman's Ethereal Quiver - Summons 100 arrows per click

Bulwark of Many Portals - Instant cast gate, non lore, 1 to 3 charges each depending on the level of the item

Filter of Major Translocation - Gate

Brick of Knowledge - Once a day PoK gate clicky, obtainable only during anniversary time

Primary Anchor - Housing gate

Secondary Anchor - Housing gate

Mark of Brell - Brell's Rest gate

Scepter of Draconic Calling - Crescent Reach gate

Worker's Sledgemallet - Overthere gate

Cobalt Greaves - Targetable Invisibility clickable on other people (Incarnadine Breastplate is another self only invis alternative... It is warrior and SK only but for all you clerics out there, the fabled breastplate is cleric useable)

Truncheon of Doom - Slow proc hammer

Steelgrip Power-Wrench - Root proc hammer

Glob of Gooey Goo - Root clicky (NOTE: These are 1 charge each and drop from Goo's in the original Howling Stones commonly. They are not lore items, so feel free to stock up)

Fabled Obsidian Battle Sword - Pet proc weapon (NOTE: Maximum of 5 pets at one time even if it procs more than 5 times. If you dual wield this plus the non-fabled version, the pets stack, meaning you can potentially have 10 pets at once. These weapons are nice when used with our "Rage of Rallos Zek" AA)

Obsidian Battle Sword - Pet proc weapon

Cloth Cap - Swarm pets (low dmg but will take agro if u howl and run)

Vicious Rabbit - Single pet (good dmg and will take agro if u howl and run)

Ring of Ill touch - Damage over time clicky (Useful for added agro, plus this item has been nerfed and now does up to 150 base dmg instead of its original 75)

Rune of Healing - 90ish HP regen per tick for a min or so

Cloudy Potion - Instant invis when the Cobalt Greaves are too slow

Goo Gun -  Snare plus root combo clicky

Fireshard Ring - 7600 fire damage AOE nuke plus knockback

Ring of Lost Seas - 2726 x2 cold damage single target nuke plus knockback and slow (shares a timer with the fireshard ring as well as alliance elixir potions)

Icesliver Jewel - 10 - 12k DoT (Cold damage) Shares a timer with Fireshard Ring and Ring of Lost Seas

Alliance Elixir Potion - Regen and healing for Hp, Mana, and End

Mark of Searing Dawn - 15 minute reuse clicky that lays a trap that can mesmerize any undead that come near it

Frightweave Breastplate of Havoc - 1 minute avoidance buff with a 10 minute reuse time

Elegant Archon Breastplate - 2 minute agro buff that generates agro with every melee strike you land. 10 minute reuse timer and uses the song buff timer

Flowing Etheric Legionnaire Breastplate - 1.5 minute avoidance buff with a 10 minute reuse time

Ruaabri's Fist - 750 extra HP buff that is permanent, persists through death, and stacks with pretty much everything. This buff can be dispelled and can be overwritten by very very few things that you won't see very often

Violet Conch of the Tempest - DS and AC buff that stacks with all of the above DS clickies (Overwrites the Kizrak's Chestplate of Battle buff and is NOT overwritten by shaman buff)

Overflowing Urn of Life - Heal over time plus feedback clicky (stacks with Tunare's Earring, heal potions, Warrior's Resurgence, and Blood Drinker's Coating)

Tunare's Earring - Heal over time clicky (stacks with Overflowing Urn of Life, heal potions, Warrior's Resurgence, and Blood Drinker's Coating)

Terror's Juju - Reverse DS clicky

Unstable Clockwork Launcher - Clockwork spider that explodes by your target for direct dmg (this also hurts you as well if you're close)

Clickies are all a matter of preference, I recommend the buffs, shrink, and invis above all, and each buff clicky I've listed stacks unless noted otherwise...

Check out the video tailored to this guide at the following link!
Coming soon!

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Warrior Clickies v2.0
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