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 Hotkeys and Burns v1.8

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PostSubject: Hotkeys and Burns v1.8   Sun Jul 28, 2013 12:15 am


This guide is intended to be nothing more than a detailed example of various hotkeys and burns that I use, and are also intended to guide warriors in the right direction and open new doors and ideas for you. I am in no way telling anyone they have to use these exact setups, but as you know from my previous guides, what I post here has been tested and works 100%.

NOTE: You will undoubtedly upgrade disciplines along your way, it is very crucial to remember to update your hotkeys as you upgrade discs, or you will soon find that those hotkeys no longer work. It is also very crucial to use the correct spelling when using the /disc command on a hotkey (yes, you MUST use Rk. II or III if you have them). Your /disc command MUST match the exact name of the discipline being used. You do not need to type the names of AA's or items when using the /alt act command or the /useitem command. I typed the names on mine strictly for the purpose of showing you what is being used here in this guide.

Hot Keys

This 1st set of hotkeys are what I like to call "must have basics". These are keys that you will undoubtedly use often. Lets begin...

First things first, in order to make sense of the /doability related hotkeys that I will post below, you must 1st have a basic understanding of how those work. That said, I have created a small but to the point picture to help even the noob understand.

BaKiDi (Bash, Kick, Disarm)

This key is an oxymoron that works. Any experienced player in EQ knows that Bash and Kick share a timer when used, therefore they cannot be used together.

Allow me to explain... Sometimes we use 1 hand weapons and sometimes we duel wield or use 2 hand weapons. With a 1 hander and a shield equipped, we Bash. Without a shield equipped we Kick because we cannot Bash without a shield when dual wielding, but we CAN bash with a 2 handed weapon after purchasing the 2 handed bash AA. Therefore, this key is setup to make use of either situation without having to change any hotkeys or switch back and forth between /autoskill bash or kick.

If no shield is equipped, the key will make use of Kick and give you the message that you cannot Bash without a shield. However, if you DO have a shield equipped, Bash will be used, which is why I put the Bash command on line 2 of the hotkey and Kick on line 3. I threw in Disarm on this key as well as others for skillup purposes without having to worry about clicking yet another button during a fight.

The point is, 3 skills in 1 hotkey saves time and space on hotbars.

In reference to this particular hotkey, the following was my response to a question asked in the general discussion forum and I thought it would be worthy to add in here.

"When I made that hotkey, I soon realized that it does not have a visible cooldown timer on it so that I could see when it is able to be used again...

The /timer function adds that visible cooldown time to the key... The /timer function works in milliseconds so 1 second would be typed as /timer 10 on the hotkey... Kick and Bash both have a 4 second cooldown which would be /timer 40 on the hotkey except I made it 35 because the further down the 5 lines of the hotkey, the time can be shaved by half a second since that's how long it takes to reach the /timer 35 line...

Hotkeys as you probably already know, go in order down each line when you click them... I could have put the timer at 40 on the top line but since I already had the key made I just shaved that half a second and put it on the bottom..."

TaBaDi (Taunt, Bash, Disarm)

Sometimes we need our normal old taunt skill, especially during a barbed tongue discipline use. I think you get the point now Very Happy


This key was made for use during raids or events and can be done any way you wish, the point is to be raid friendly by having a key to let others know that danger is on the way, or if you are the main assist, to let them know what target to switch to next. A little gaming etiquette goes a long way.

Raid Tank

This key is a life saving measure as well as just general etiquette during a raid. Use this key and no one can blame you for your own death lol. On a more real note, this key provides warning that you are taking over and provides healers with a few seconds to save your booty.

Keep in mind that Ageless Enmity is great agro but it is always best to follow up with a bazu or a blast of anger after use of this key.

Tank Swap

Pretty self explanatory here, use this key to let your raid know that you are handing agro off to the next tank in the lineup. This key depends on having the tank lineup on extended target to be able to quickly target the tank you are handing agro to.


Eventually, you're going to have a range item better than a bow. And when you get it, you'll soon realize how much of a hassle it is to swap back and forth when you want to pull and then begin battle. Make yourself a new bandolier entry that has your bow equipped and then make this hotkey. This bandolier entry was also made in accordance with part of my swarming guide, by equipping a non riposte primary along with the bow. So I'm getting two uses out of one bando entry, one for normal bow pulling from a distance, and one for rounding up trains without worrying about riposting and being summoned as you run by. Makes life easier!

I designed this hotkey to equip my bow, fire an arrow, and then swap back to my normal setup as well as let my group know that danger is coming.

Be sure to type the command correctly for whatever you named that bandolier entry. Example: My bando entry is named "Pull" as you can see from the command on the picture. Had I named that entry "Bow" instead of "Pull", my command would then read /bandolier Activate Bow... Easy eh?


Pretty self explanatory here. This key makes use of our fast reuse abilities that we use often during battle, on a single key. This key is what I refer to as my "Mash" key.


This key makes use of various taunt skills with intent for snap agro as well as agro sustaining. Using this key for snap agro on raids typically will not be enough, but it will help in sustaining the agro that you have. This key was designed mainly for grouping use but will come in handy in any situation when used properly.

AE Agro

This key makes use of our best AE taunt skills followed by a rampage. Pretty self explanatory and should only be used for fast and strong agro. Please note that you are responsible for your defenses. This key is intended for grouping use to snap and sustain agro in a group setting. (See the FortGather key for raiding)


This key is the same as the above AE Agro key except you will notice that our Fortitude discipline has been added to the top line. This key is intended for raiding use when ordered to "Fort Gather", which is basically running into a bunch of mobs, using Fort and gathering the agro from all of them to be brought back to the raid for mezzing, off tanking, and killing.


This key is intended to serve as a much faster and easier way to make use of your Flash of Anger ability while using a 2 handed weapon. As you may or may not already know, flash can only be used while wielding 1 handers. This makes it possible to use with any weapon you wish, without the need to switch back and forth, which costs time and can be the difference between life and death. NOTE: Pressing anything else during the use of this key will cancel out the 3rd line that switches you back to your 2 hander, you've been warned Very Happy


This key makes use of a few buff type abilities and is pretty self explanatory.


Use this key with caution! This key is intended for grouping use but can be used in raiding as well, but depends on your situation. This key makes use of our primary defenses and is built to provide very strong defense, but sacrifices efficiency when trying to space out your defenses. Typically this won't matter in a group setting, but for raiding however, you often want to use your Pain and Culminating separately for better timing and survivability.


This key depends on farming the blood drinkers coating as well as having done your epic 2.0. This key is intended to serve as a lifesaving measure and should be used sparingly due to reuse timers. Hit this key to gain a substantial amount of HP as well as healing over time and more.


Another self explanatory key.


Yet another self explanatory key.

Burn Keys

NOTE: Rather than redo the entire thread, go ahead and disregard/remove "Battle Leap" from each of the following hotkeys. Battle leap has been made permanent in a past patch and should be put on immediately upon entering any zone where you hunt or raid (you can use an eye of zomm to put battle leap up, fyi). For the BO Burn key, remove battle leap, move everything up, and put resplendant glory on the bottom line.

Ok this set of keys is all burns that I've put together and used quite a bit. Each of these are obviously situational so use your best judgment when making and using these.

I have put the names of the alt activate abilities on each hotkey to reflect what skill is being used. When making your own, you do not need to put the name of each alt activate like I have here, you only need the number.

Disciplines on the other hand must be spelled out when using the /disc command.

FS Burn

This is a DPS burn. It is best used when you are not tanking but can be used when tanking as well. I recommend however, that you hit your Resplendent Glory after you hit this key to counteract the healing loss from Vehement Rage. You can also replace Fellstrike with "Offensive" to get the same effect (more potent) once you obtain that disc.

MS Burn

Another DPS burn that is very potent and worthy of being considered our second best burn. Mighty Strike is available at level 54 but you will need to get the appropriate AA's for this particular key, which may not come for a while.

BO Burn

This is our DPS bread and butter. This burn when used effectively is our best DPS burn. Contrary to popular opinion, us warriors can dish out some damage on occasion when we want, this is how we do it.

If healing is an issue, use Resplendent Glory as well to counter the healing loss from Vehement Rage.

Fury Burn

As you may already know, I love to swarm. I designed this burn to help make those swarms die a lil faster as long as my discipline and skills are up. For this key, I will either use pet weapons (linked below) long enough to proc the max of 10 pets out, and then swap back to dual wielding or whatever weapon setup I want for the situation. Or sometimes I won't swap weapons at all, depends on the situation. I will say that this key is best used for dual wielding agro proc weapons when raiding or fighting a namer in a group to draw easy mass agro when used with one of my agro macros above... Toss in an elegant archon BP clicky with this as needed...


Creating and designing your own hotkeys and burns are a very fun way of getting to know your skills better and how they interact together in different situations. This also leads to being better at your class.

The best advice that I can give is to pay very close attention to your skill timers and see which skills share those timers and which do not. You want to use skills together that relate to what you're doing and how you play. You must get to know each skill that you have not just by reading it, but by using it. Trial and error is how I got to where I am today.

As always, try new things, test them and test yourself. Do not let the opinions of others shape you into what they think is best, especially if they are not warriors. No one who hasn't played the class thoroughly can give 100% solid advice about your class keep in mind. Experience in it is the only true way to achieve greatness.

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Hotkeys and Burns v1.8
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