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 Guide to Warrior Taunting v1.3

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PostSubject: Guide to Warrior Taunting v1.3   Wed Mar 11, 2015 6:16 pm

Hello and thank you for the requests for this guide! Each and every request has been read and heard, and as always, I am here to deliver!

As always, my guides are not written until I have had a chance to test and verify everything I write 100%. My instructions can be trusted and they work, or I do not post them.

Intro to Taunting:

Warriors, as we know, start the game with only their normal "Taunt" skill. This skill is rather undependable until you raise the level of the skill by using it regularly or spending skill points on it as you level up.

Taunt is a skill that forces a mob to focus its attention on you rather than anyone else, if it lands successfully. Taunt is also what I like to call a "Taunt Build" skill, which leads me to the next section...

Taunt Building and Taunt Sustaining:

NOTE: At certain points I will mention taunt resetting to zero. This will not actually be a noticeable change on your agro counter. Taunt resetting allows for very easy agro loss to someone else, and occurs when using your taunt abilities improperly or various other factors which will be explained throughout this guide.

As we level up, we are introduced to a variety of various taunt related skills and abilities. These can all be put into two categories which are "Taunt Build" skills and "Taunt Sustain" skills.

The difference between the two is more common sense than not, but I'll explain anyway!

Taunt Build skills are those that you use at the beginning of a fight to start the agro building process. These skills will reset your agro back to zero if used again after you've established agro, and cause you to lose agro to someone else.

Taunt Build skills that are used successfully will grab the agro temporarily, and your damage output in combination with other taunt sustaining skills will then build on that initial agro. In the meantime, your groupmates are building agro as well. This is why using a Taunt Build skill will cause you to lose agro if it is used later in the fight, because the mob is going to attack whoever has the most agro.

Taunt Sustain skills are those that "add to" the agro you've already established rather than resetting it to zero. Any of the bazu line of disciplines are Taunt Sustain skills. They may be used to sustain your agro during battle so that the attacks stay on you and your group does not take it.

Taunt Build skills are temporary, and Taunt Sustain skills are permanent. This means that when you use a Taunt Build skill, you'll take the agro from whoever has it, but unless you throw in a Taunt Sustain skill within a few seconds afterwards, you will lose the agro again. Taunt Build skills only last for a short time and then wear off, leaving it up to you to do what you can to keep it going. Taunt Sustain skills do not wear off, they are permanent (unless you use a Taunt Build skill that resets agro back to zero).

At low levels, there's not much you can do to sustain agro, but there are options! Get yourself a weapon that has some sort of an anger proc that is useable at low levels, or an augment that contains an anger proc. "Enraging Blow" or "Anger" are your two best options for low levels. There is also your very first taunt discipline called "Incite" which is the first of the Bazu line of taunts.

Lastly, you should be aware that taunt sustaining skills can also be used to start building agro. This is another reason why I prefer the bazu line over the ridicule line.

Advanced Taunting:

At higher levels, you should know your way around all of your taunting abilities, and you should know which ones are used to build and which ones sustain, based on your playing style. I personally stick to the bazu line and blast of anger, and rely on procs, clickies, and dps to do the rest. I tend to stay away from the other taunt lines of skills such as the "ridicule" line of taunts. I find them less effective than the bazu line personally, as they are mostly Taunt Build skills and will reset or lower your hard earned agro counter if used AFTER using bazu or others.

Now when I say advanced taunting, this refers to not just knowing what your skills are/do, but in having the ability to drop your agro if need be, or how to take agro from another tank quickly when needed.

First of all, you're not going to just drop agro completely without sending it to the wrong person and getting yourself in trouble. But you CAN make it easy for another tank to take your agro when it is their turn to tank. Simply stop taunting, hit your Flash of Anger followed by Howl of the Warlord, and allow the next tank to take it.

In these cases, this is where "Taunting Up" comes into play. Basically, if you're in the tank lineup on a boss and you know it will be your turn to take over, you have to make sure to "taunt up" to about 90% to ensure that agro will come to you when the main tank steps down.

You may be asking, why would I want to let another tank take my agro? And I answer... During raids, you're going to run into times where your endurance may be running low, reuse times are starting to clash, and holding agro becomes an issue. Or in some cases, switching tanks may also be part of the mechanics for that raid. As a tank, your job is to keep agro off of your group. In a raid situation, letting agro get to your group can be the cause of a wipe. This is why raids always have tank lineups! And if your raid is good and full of experienced people, you're more likely to run low on resources before actually dying. So there's no shame in letting another tank take over so that you can replenish your resources. Don't be silly! Be smart and let the next tank take over when you get low!

Now, lets say that you're the tank taking over. You're going to need to use a strong Taunt Build skill to grab agro immediately, and you're going to need a quick defense to keep yourself alive while healers target you and begin to heal you and not the previous tank. There is a hotkey in my hotkey guide that makes this change very simple.

First, use your temporary strong taunt such as "Warlord's Grasp" or "Unbroken Attention" or "Ageless Enmity". One of those will take the agro if the previous tank does his job and stops taunting. Next, you will need to use your flash of anger or your fortitude, or both. This will keep you alive long enough for healers to switch to you. Next, you will need to spam some of your Taunt Sustain skills to keep your newly acquired agro... Gratz! You've just taken agro during battle and didn't die! Now just hold the agro until it is time for the next tank.

Agro Mishaps:

This is where things get a bit hairy. No group or raid is always perfect all the time, and never will be or the game will be less fun if everything goes perfectly all the time. Here is the reason for this section...

Once in a while you will have that person or persons that will land a very large crit on a mob and take the agro from it. This happens mostly with wizards, rangers, and rogues. It can also happen with other classes too, just not quite as much unless they don't know their skills as well as they think. This is a bad situation for us warriors sometimes because we're the ones that usually take the blame for losing agro when it wasn't our fault at all.

Understand, crit happens! (You like that pun? Made it up myself! lol) But seriously, I don't care how good you are, you're going to lose agro sometimes because of other peoples mistakes or crits. Your job is to get it back quickly by using the same method I described above when switching tanks. No one is perfect, not even you...

Keep in mind, you cannot save everyone. Sometimes when crit happens, the mob will finish off the person who took agro even if you threw your best taunts at it to prevent their death. Your best chance is to stun the mob if it is stunnable. But even then, most healers aren't going to switch targets to save them and risk letting you die, because the agro is coming right back to you when that person dies. It's best to just let them die and keep fighting. Like I said, it wasn't your fault!

One other agro mishap that happens often is someone else fighting for agro, whether it be on purpose or not. Keep in mind that not everyone knows their classes as well as they like to think they do. Shadow Knights, Paladins, and Druids are some of the biggest agro fighting classes that we have to deal with.

A large portion of SK and Pally spells or AA's tend to generate agro without saying it. It is their job to get to know which ones increase agro and which ones are safe to use, and lets face it, not all of them do. Sometimes you'll get the ones who say "but I can't stop using that or it will mess up my rotation" or something similar along those lines. Yes, they can refrain from using those skills like all "good" SK's or Pally's do when they're not the main tanks. Some just don't know how, or they have that mindset that the tank should be able to hold agro no matter what they do, which is far from the truth and even further from reality. Agro for any tank class is based upon NOT being faught for by others. When someone is fighting for agro, the agro is going to bounce around no matter how good you are. That's EQ for you, and how it has always been.

Lastly, the Druid class is the same way, but slightly different because they are a caster class and not a tank class. Druids are priests that can also deal out good damage a lot easier and more effective than other priest classes. You can always tell when a druid doesn't know their class as well as they think when you see their agro counter rising to agro stealing levels. The primary culprit for druids increasing their agro are their fire based spells. While they are very good, it is not "always" wise to use them. That does not mean they can't be used at all though!

When a druid uses agro increasing spells, it is best to use them once or twice and then switch to something else that doesn't increase agro, and give your counter time to go back down. This is where the warrior's bazu line and blast of anger really shine. If the druid ceases using agro increasing spells long enough for you to use both blast and bazu, their counter will drop significantly. But if they continue to increase agro, you may as well let them take it and die rather than wasting your emergency taunts to save them, which probably aren't going to work anyways.

This is a problem for any tank class that knows what they're doing. Other people are going to take your agro and you won't be able to stop it even on your best day. Just let them die and carry on once they do, because the agro is coming straight back to you when they croak.

Now for one last agro mishap situation, and this one is VERY important. If you are in a raiding guild and you have significantly lower amounts of AA's compared to the other tanks, you've got no business being in the tank lineup, and the people who put those tank lineups together should know that, but some of them simply do not think about it. For example, a warrior who has 17k AA's placed in a lineup with a bunch of 25k to 30k AA tanks isn't going to hold agro when those other tanks are taunting up or AoE taunting to ensure that all agro is on tanks rather than casters, healers, etc. You're going to find out quickly that you're not ready for raid tanking when you're that far behind the rest of the tanks. So my advice to you is to find out how many AA's the rest of the tanks have before you enter the raid scene with them. And beware, if they have that "elitist" mindset, they're going to think you suck and typically won't even acknowledge the fact that you're actually doing fine and that you're just not as far along as they are. Some folks are just cruel like that, and it is sad that some folks are like that, but it is indeed a reality that you must deal with.

My Personal Lineups:

As requested recently, here are my own personal lineups that I use. Please note that everything is situational and must be tweaked from time to time based on the fight. Also, refer to my hotkeys guide in this forum for visuals of a few of my lineups. I draw your attention to the "Agro" hotkey.

So to start off for a grouping warrior situation, I always lead off with a Kluzen's Roar or a Blast of Anger in most situations. But sometimes when you've got an SK or a zerker or beastlord in your group, you gotta do better than those. This is usually when I make use of my "Agro" hotkey to lead off and then follow up with other taunts such as Blast or Kluzen's, etc. Be sure to max out your passive agro AA's as you can, as well as others. Projection of Fury is also a must have because it is the same as your phantom aggressor for the most part and is a very good backup to have available when your phantom is cooling down.

For raiding, I will usually lead off with a snap agro such as Warlord's Grasp, Unyielding, or Ageless and then follow up with my Agro key or other sustaining taunts. In some situations a "Biting Tongue" is necessary. Biting lasts for 5 minutes in your buff window with a 20 minute cooldown and basically amplifies the effect of your normal taunt skill plus adds a nuke to it each time you hit it. This skill alone generates a mass amount of agro when using taunt and is best followed up with Blast, Kluzen's, or the like. But make sure to keep mashing that normal taunt key as often as possible to get as much use out of Biting Tongue as you can to maintain your agro.

If you are NOT tanking but need to be on the taunt list to take over when or if needed, you need to be in front of the mob along with the main tank, "taunt up" to around 85 to 90 on your meter, and keep it there without pulling agro completely off of the main tank. Some raids require you to be standing in front of the boss when doing this due to frontal attacks that could potentially kill your DPS or healers if they get hit by it. NEVER turn a boss towards the raid, keep its back turned and you'll be okay. Just remember that it is always situational and there is no "set" order in all situations.

Lastly, get yourself not one, but two warrior only agro proc weapons for your level range and when you need fast and strong agro, pop your "Rage of Rallos Zek" AA while dual wielding both weapons. This will help you sustain agro really well for those few seconds, and give you plenty of time to follow up with other sustaining taunts. Pay attention to your timers! Those with longer reuse times should be used sparingly when absolutely needed. If you're in a good group or raid, it's okay to use them less sparingly. If you're not in a good group or raid, don't use your grasp, unyielding, or ageless unless you HAVE to. Save them for emergency use only!


Taunting is what makes the warrior class one of the hardest classes to play in EQ, if not THE hardest. We take so much flaming over agro loss on top of it too, when 99% of the time it wasn't our faults. That's just part of being a warrior my friends.

My final advice, get to know your taunt skills! Use them in various situations to see what happens and see how you like them. Pick a taunt line and stick with it, but be sure that you know which ones are part of a line and which ones are independent. After you get to know them all, you will know which ones are meant for building or sustaining. Watch your agro counter as you experiment.

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Guide to Warrior Taunting v1.3
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