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 Ways to Farm Platinum v1.1

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PostSubject: Ways to Farm Platinum v1.1   Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:27 pm


Welcome to yet another guide! As always, anything written by me has been tested and works 100%. Feel free to try your own ways and remember that my ways are not to be taken as the only way to do things. My ways are posted here to serve as guides and suggestions based on efficiency and practical knowledge.

Farming Platinum Without the Bazaar

So we all know that using the trader system in the Bazaar can be a great way to make platinum, as well as auctioning in General Chat at times. But we also know that sometimes that can take a while and other times can be pretty fast.

So here I will not only tell you some ways, but I will also show you those ways in videos! These ways involve options that will bring in fast platinum without the need for bazaar selling. And all you need to do is kill stuff!

NOTE: These options will require swarming, and are recommended for higher level warriors that can swarm more easily. I will also provide an option for lower level warriors without the need for swarming, but keep in mind that it will be significantly slower. Check out my swarming guide for more information on swarming if you are new to it.


So first up we've got the barter system which can be used from any zone that you're in without having to leave your camp.

Primarily, tradeskill items are the items to focus on for bartering. You may ask "Which items are the best to sell?" and that is a very good question! Unfortunately there is no "single" answer to that because those items are ever changing. Luckily, there are a few that are always in demand and reliable.

Those items include higher level items such as...

1. Ethernere Essences
2. Fresh Meat
3. Befouled Silks and other Befouled items
4. Natural Spices

And there are many more, but those are just a few. Natural spice is one exception to the high level, as this can drop from various level ranges. However, they do have the highest drop rate at higher levels (but it is still slow).

My best advice is to check the bazaar for various tradeskill items just to see what all people sell. The ones that you see a lot of different people selling the same items are usually the ones you can rely on being in barter as well. Sure, you may be able to get a higher price by using the bazaar to sell them, but using barter gets you some plat right away as opposed to waiting, which is what I prefer.

Vendor Loot

Next up we have the vendor loot option! This here is your bread and butter for farming platinum because you are guaranteed to get plat in large chunks without worrying about the buyer approaching their desired number for certain items in the barter system.

Vendor loot is very dependent on where you go and what you loot. My suggestion for the highest chunks of platinum with the least amount of time involved is...

1. Diamonds
2. Blue Diamonds
3. Various other gems (jewels)

The House of Thule expansion has the highest drop rate for diamonds and other gems in any zone within that expansion in my experience. If you are high level and able to swarm in that expansion, a couple of hours of nonstop swarming is going to bring you roughly 50 to 60,000 platinum (give or take) depending on how much other stuff you loot besides just gems.

Typically, I only loot stuff that sells for 15p and higher PER item, which you will quickly notice there is an abundance of in that entire expansion. Normally the non-gem items sell for 15 - 30p a pop. I would recommend leaving the tradeskill items if you prefer the vendor loot option for farming. However, I would still loot the high priced tradeskill items such as the ones I listed above. Certain tradeskill items sell in barter for very high prices (over 1 and 2k per).

Another great place to farm fast plat through swarming is Sleepers Tomb. Yes, you heard me right! Go in there and wipe out the entire zone from top to bottom, skip looting all weapons, gear, and quest items and just loot all the gems and spells. You're going to walk out with between 8 to 12k guaranteed, for about 20 mins worth of swarming. None of the weapons or gear in that place will sell to vendors or tribute, so it's not worth looting. And todays low level gear is better than anything you can loot in there as well (such as defiant gear or better).

If you read my swarming guide, I should warn you that the majority of mobs in Sleepers Tomb are gating and summoning mobs. However, if you're high enough level and pump out enough damage, one rampage and a few ripostes is going to kill an entire train before they get a chance to gate. There is one single item that drops from the ancient dragons at the very bottom of the zone that is worthy of selling in the bazaar. It is a dwarf illusion clicky, and it is the reason why the dragons are mostly always down and the zone stays perma-farmed. But that item is rare and the whole point of this guide is to farm plat without using the bazaar! Sooo, moving on!

Another good location for the vendor loot method is Fort Mechanatous and the surrounding gnome/clockwork type zones such as Gyrospire Zeka for example. Now there is a very nice trick to having endless mobs and getting endless loot in Zeka without having to wait on ANY respawns.

In Fort Mech near the entrance is a quest mob that offer a "Cheese" quest for Zeka. This is an instanced quest, so you get your own Zeka to go in and kill without worry about other people coming in. Simply pick up that quest, zone into the instance, swarm everything outside of the building, loot, then drop the quest and wait for it to zone you out... Then pickup the quest again and repeat! Infinite mobs and loot this way as long as you do NOT complete the quest!

After you loot in this place, you will notice that some stuff doesn't sell well, and some doesn't sell at all. Simply commit those items to memory and when you see them drop, just click on the "Never" and "Not Interested" options in your advloot window and you will never loot those items again. It will take a few times to get everything set so that you're only looting the high priced stuff. And I highly recommend staying away from the non stackable stuff even though they sell good. They will fill your inventory very quickly, so it's best to stick to the stuff that is stackable. You'll make more plat that way.

Once you have your loot settings set right, a couple of hours of swarming the Zeka instance will net you 50 to 80k (give or take).

Raw Platinum Drops

So this method is geared more towards the lower level population! At low levels, it is very hard to make platinum, and very slow. Thankfully, there are ways to make decent plat at low levels by getting raw platinum drops and not having to rely on vendor loot. So listen up noobies!

First we have the Ice Giants located at the entrance to Permafrost over in Everfrost which tend to drop good amounts of raw platinum, and are low level easy kills for that level range. Typically, most of the giants throughout the game tend to drop good amounts of plat, but not all of them. Try different zones that have giants and you will find some pretty good ones to farm here and there.

Next up (and this is for high level as well) is Sanctus Seru over in the Luclin expansion. This zone is typically for levels 35 through 50 as far as gaining exp goes. Every once in a while at that level range, you will encounter a mob that just shows up out of nowhere and wipes the floor with you. It is unavoidable, but luckily it doesn't happen very often. Because of this, most people of that level range tend to avoid this zone. However, this is the absolute best zone to farm plat at low levels. So if you can handle a few deaths for the sake of getting plat at low levels, this is your best option.

Santus Seru is a city with a few factions inside. None of these factions are important and will not effect anything else in the game by ruining them. The only drawback is that you won't be able to sell to vendor anymore in that city. But that is no big deal since pretty much every drop in that place is useless anyways except for the stuff that Seru himself drops, but you're not going to be killing him anytime soon. And his loot is stuff that sells for hundreds of thousands of plat in the bazaar just so you know. Seru is a raid mob for that level range and he cannot be hit by melee (even if you're max level) unless you possess a "Bane Dmg: Seru" weapon. He can be hurt by damage shields and some spells.

So basically, at low level, just go in and start killing once you hit the level range for that zone. You're going to gain exp and good plat killing anything in there, and like I said, you don't have to worry about ruining anything due to the factions. The faction only effects THAT zone. When the unexpected mob shows up and kills you, just rez up and go back for more! It's not a huge deal to take the death for the sake of plat, and you're still going to be gaining way more exp than you'll lose anyways as long as you rez.

Lastly, for those of you who are high level, you can also go into Sanctus Seru and swarm half of the zone at a time and get roughly 2k raw plat in one pull. Then pull the other half of the zone for another 2k. Wait for respawns and repeat. The plat amounts per pull do bounce up and down, but the average per pull is about 2k when you pull half of the zone at a time. Of course you can pull the whole zone all at once if you want, but then you gotta wait on respawns even longer. So I would stick to half at a time, or maybe even split it into quarters at a time to avoid waiting at all.


There are many different ways to make fast plat. These are the most efficient ways when not using the bazaar. Even though the HoT expac has the highest drop rate on gems, that doesn't mean other expacs aren't just as good. The entire VoA expac also has a pretty good drop rate on gems as well. And there are various zones spread throughout the world that have good loot for the level ranges. Finding them is all part of the fun!

Go out, explore, and find what you enjoy the most and won't get bored with when it comes to plat farming. Or mix it up like I do so that your scenery is ever changing while you make your plat! I've given you a few of the best places, but not all of them!

Happy Farming!!

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Ways to Farm Platinum v1.1
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