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 Anita Sarkeesian - Are you a fan?

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PostSubject: Anita Sarkeesian - Are you a fan?   Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:46 pm

Hello everyone.

I found a good article that I thought I'd share. Talks about women in video games and Anita's crusade to spread awareness. I back her 100%.

This article hits home for me in a lot of ways, most notable is the quote by Dr. King. I recently fought hate with hate by starting a series of events aimed at ruining the gameplay of the people who sexually harassed me, and that was wrong of me. And he's right, it only breeds more hate. I'm sorry I did it, but hey, I'm human, I make mistakes just like anyone else. The big thing is how you choose to move past them and learn. In my case, I was so dead set on getting justice that I became most of the things I was trying to fight against. Situations like these are difficult, we can't forget about what started the whole thing, and it's okay to keep fighting, but we can't let ourselves become as bad as the thing that started it. Lesson learned and I'm not too proud to admit that what I did was wrong and apologize like some people are. But I will not forget and I will not let up. Online harassment in its many forms must be stopped.

Anyways, enjoy the article!

How to Kill a Troll

Llux Von'Lich
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Anita Sarkeesian - Are you a fan?
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