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 Cloey's Guide to Roleplaying v1.1

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PostSubject: Cloey's Guide to Roleplaying v1.1   Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:57 pm


Roleplaying is just what it sounds like, playing the role of a character. It is more widely known than some may imagine. It is used in our everyday lives, such as TV, playing a video game from a console, or playing a MMORPG such as our beloved Everquest. In each instance, the player or the actor is essentially playing a role of something or someone. In our case, we are playing a role of who we portray our characters to be in a massive online world...

We can be whoever we want, just so that it fits the world that we are in. In EQ we are in a world of magic, a world of dungeons, monsters, medieval structures, swords, no technology other than what the gnomes create. So it makes sense that we would play our characters in a way that fits in to the rest of the world. Each of us put our own little twists and unique attributes that single out our characters from the rest.

With this said, lets get started Smile

Basic Roleplaying lingo, Puncuation, Proper Typing:

To get a basic understanding of how to roleplay, you must first get a grasp on the lingo and the commonly used punctuation and proper typing which is used by roleplayers all around the world from game to game and so on. So here is a list of what you will need to know, with descriptions...

RP - Short for "RolePlaying"

SL - Short for "Storyline"

DM - Short for "Dungeon Master".. A DM is the person who creates and runs the story or scenario.

IC - Short for "In Character"

OOC - Short for "Out of Character"

(( )) - These are the brackets used most commonly by RP guilds when speaking OOC so that other RPers know they are not IC. Some people also prefer to use "(ooc)" instead of the brackets... For example: ((LFG for HoT)) OR (ooc) LFG for HoT

* * - The asterisk symbol or star as some call it is used as a way of narrating or doing an emote during or in the middle of an IC sentence... I will give two examples of this, one of narrating and one of emoting:

#1. *A dark warlord walks into the guild halls refreshed and ready for battle* Greetings Everyone...

#2. Greetings everyone *Smiles* How are you this dark and gloomy evening?


IC versus OOC:

When RPing it is very important to know "how" to speak properly. It is not recommended to just jump into RP head first if you are new to RP. By "head first" I mean do not try to be a pro right off the bat unless you are naturally talented. I will give a few examples that will show you why, starting with the "wrong" way to RP...

Experienced RPer says: *Smiles* We embarked on a great journey this fine eve... But alas, we are in need of more brave souls to push forward... Any volunteers?

Inexperienced RPer says: *Grins* Will an 86 SK work for yas?

Obviously this person is trying to RP but he made a mistake... In RP the experienced RPer would remain in character and question what "SK" stands for, even though he or she knows what it means ooc. Also, in RP, numbers are not used, they are spelled out. Here is the "proper" way to do this...

Experienced RPer says: *Smiles* We embarked on a great journey this fine eve... But alas, we are in need of more brave souls to push forward... Any volunteers?

Inexperienced RPer says: *Grins* Would an eighty sixth seasoned ShadowKnight work for yas?


Inexperienced RPer says: *Grins* Would a Knight of the Shadows of the eighty sixth season work for yas?

Experienced RPer says: We would be glad if you would join us Knight! *Looks at him in appreciation*

See how that looks? It fits the "norm" for how people talk in a world like this. As you grow in your RP skills you will see people who will talk just like the game intended for certain races to talk. Take a Dwarf and an Ogre for example...

The Dwarf says: I shall cut ye head off with me axe!

The Ogre says: Me barsh dat dorf if he no shud up! Away wif da dorf!

Each race has their own way of speaking, though you may not wish to speak just like them, at times you will see it among RPers. Again, it is all in how unique you make your character out to be. Be sure to keep in mind that in this world, people do not say things like LFG, WTS, WTB, etc. while they RP IC. Keep it creative and keep it to the norm for what would be said if you lived in this world. Technology use in RP is a big nono as well. If it doesn't exist in the game, it doesn't exist in RP, use your heads Smile


After you have a grasp on the basic lingo and such, it is time to plan a SL for your characters. Be creative and put some thought into it. We want to know things about your character, about past journey's, where they came from, where they're going, what goals they have, or just overall who they are. Is your character evil? Is it good? Is it neutral? All little things that are put together into a story for your character so that you are prepared when other characters ask you questions about yourself IC. Will you be prepared?

To be quite honest, the majority of RPers both new and old do what we like to call "Winging it". This is all well and good if you're someone who can come up with a decent or good story on the spot. But if you are not one of those people then you will eventually find yourself stuck in the middle of a SL and not know what to say or how to react. These people tend to panic and spit out the first thing that comes to mind, even if it contains no meaning to the RP currently going on.

Too many new RPers will try to wing it from the start and then later down the road they are asked or a part they mention is brought up and they do not remember what they said, but the experienced RPer does remember it. This is a bad situation people. One you would be encouraged to avoid.

So, give some thought to a story for yourself that you will remember and play out IC over time. Don't just wing it with a personal SL, make it good, make it memorable.

Do not get me wrong though, there are many times when it is ok to wing it. Those times are "after" you have given your beginning SL and finished it. What do you do when your story is over? You wing it! hehe... This is a time it is ok. You can act the personality of your character in between SL's to give you time to plan out another SL to add to your previous (if you wish to). This is also the time when you play along with other people as they act out their planned SL's. Remember, it is their SL, not yours, therefore all you CAN do is wing it to play along.

Some people often do multiple SL's that depict a different scenario each time, so I do not want you to think that you must tie each SL together that you come up with. By all means, mix it up. That's what DMing is all about, being able to create new things, new stories.

Roleplaying... Silly or fun?:

When it comes to RP like I mentioned earlier, you do not want to jump in head first. Not just for the reasons I stated above, but also because it can bore you to the point where you will lose interest and think RP is silly. This isn't good because more than likely you will never want to RP again. Never fear, there is a way to make it fun and keep interest.

For a new RPer it is best to start small with just text only RP. Do not try to be like the big dogs and act out your RP scenario by actually going and doing the things you are RPing in text. The reason for this is because it takes time to run, kill, and set up in between typing your next part. Especially when other people are watching the text but not actually following you around. Those people are going to be wondering what's taking you so long and they will lose interest in your story if they are new.

You MUST keep it fast to start out, just do the story only and refrain from acting it out until you and your audience are better skilled in RP. Once you have improved your RP skills, you and your audience will know it. When you reach this point, then you start to think of ways to get better, so then you start doing a little bit of acting out. And your audience will be aware that it will take some time in between text to do things. Because of this, they'll still hold interest because they know what's going on.

I would recommend doing acted out SL's with a group of people who actually come with you at first. Then move on to RPing an acted out SL into the public RP channel for anyone in guild to watch. Still with me? Moving on...

RP is a lot of fun if done right. It's all about keeping your audience and those who participate interested. You have to be vigilant. You have to be as fast as you can when acting while keeping your SL fresh in mind so you do not lose your place and have to scroll up. Most importantly, you have to bring the fun factor and surprise people. Create twists to your story to get your audience thinking. Make them wonder, make them want more. Make them want to see how it ends.

Beware people, do not let your RP become work. The moment this happens you will lose interest in your own story! Think of it as a fun experience, something you are doing to be creative and fun not just for yourself, but for other fellow RPers.

And lastly, never down yourself or others if a story wasn't as good as you planned or thought it would be. When you first start out, a story should be simple with thought in it but not too much thought. A complex story for new RPers  will never come out right to everyone. Don't be discouraged if a bad story happens, and don't let one bad story effect your opinion of RP. Learn from it! Look back at it and use it as a means of making the next one better and correcting your mistakes. Before you know it, you'll be coming up with some epic tales because you stuck with it and never gave up.

So there you have it people. Use this small guide to build your skills and please feel free to ask me any questions that I may not have covered here yet. I cannot stress enough, be creative! Remember, this is YOUR SL to do with as you please. I look forward to seeing you out in the world of RP! Smile

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Cloey's Guide to Roleplaying v1.1
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